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Advantages of the Kuril Bobtail breed

original and unusual appearance;
good learning and great intellect;
friendly and non-aggressive nature.
great quality hunting (fishing rodents)

Disadvantages of the Kuril bobtail breed

strong tendency to dominate;
excessive curiosity;
inability to keep small animals at home.

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Kuril bobtail, or kurbob — the breed is quite young

Brief history of the breed

The history of the origin of breeds of short-tailed cats goes back centuries. However, the standard features of the Kuril bobtail were described and qualified recently, in the 90s of the last century. Therefore, this breed of cat is considered relatively young. Wild ancestors of bobtails lived on the Kuril Islands. In the 18th century, the active development of the Far East began. Russian merchants and travelers brought domestic cats to the archipelago. They interbred with wild animals. The result of this was the appearance of a new breed ‒ the domestic Kuril cat

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